The information contains answers to common questions about photo sessions with, as well as resources for amateur models.

Questions About Photo Sessions
What does a photo shoot entail?
A typical studio shoot lasts about 2 hours and involves about 3-5 outfits. I rely on simple setups that concentrate on an individual's look and personality rather than their surroundings, so backdrops and props are kept simple. The atmosphere is very relaxed with music playing and a steady stream of light conversation to keep things casual.

Will I get to keep my pictures (and what is "TFP")?
Yes. I typically shoot about 1000 pictures. I'll go through them and take the best 100+ for cropping and color adjustment. From there, my 25 favorites will become your initial online portfolio which I'll ask you to review. After that, you'll receive a CD-ROM with all of the raw images and all of the cropped images to do with as you wish. This is called "time-for-pictures" or "TFP" in the modeling industry.

What will happen to my pictures?
You will be asked to sign a consent form which indicates that you are allowing me to take these pictures to be part of my portfolio. This protects me if you become rich and famous and decide to sue me for having taken pictures of you. On the flip side, I'm definitely not out to tarnish anyone's image. If you want a particular picture removed from your portfolio because it appears too risque or somehow makes you uncomfortable, I'll happily take it down. The only thing I ask is that I can include most of your best images in my portfolio.

What should I wear?
I typically recommend bringing 4-5 outfits. You are going to know far better than I what you look good in, so I will leave it up to you to select what to wear. In general, I recommend a mix of looks - sexy, casual, dressy. Check out the portfolio for ideas. If you have a specific look you want to achieve, let me know and I'll work with you to make it happen.

Can I bring someone along?
Definitely. This is a major rule of modeling - always try to bring a buddy. The one word of warning on this is to make sure your buddy is someone you're comfortable modeling around. If you're not comfortable being yourself in front of your mother, she is probably not a good choice to take to a photo shoot.

Other Common Questions
Why are you doing this?
Because I enjoy fashion photography. I like it both as an art form and as an appreciation of beauty. That being said, I have no intention of quitting my day job. I am an amateur photographer that is looking to build my portfolio. At some point, I may gain enough experience to charge something for my time, but for now I simply do it for the enjoyment.

Will you take pictures of my kids, mother, grandmother, dog...?
No, unless you want them in pictures like the ones in my portfolio. I am not interested in taking free famly portraits or becoming a portrait studio. However, if your kids, mother, or grandmother want pictures like the ones in my portfolio, I'll be happy to work with you!

I'm a make-up artist, hairdresser, clothing designer...
Are you interested in working together?

Absolutely. This is an excellent way for both of us to build our portfolios. This typically works best with 2-3 models so that you can prep one model while I work with another. In most cases, I will ask you to arrange for your friends or acquaintances to be the models for our session. I will not recommend your services to models I have worked with without working with you first.

Can you recommend any other modeling resources?
Two big things in modeling are experience and exposure. One of the best ways to get exposure is to create portfolios on modeling contact sites like those listed here:

One Model Place     Model Mayhem
UjENA Talent     iModel     MuseCube

Basic use of these sites is free. If photographers like what they see, they will contact you for additional work, which may be more TFP or, given a quality portfolio, paying gigs. (Plus, if you have a link for contact information, I will be more than happy to include it on your portfolio page.)

Models with tattoos or an "alternative" look may also want to consider being one of the Suicide Girls.

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